Endura Flap

Each pet door conversion kit features a best-in-the-business Endura Flap, with a continuous magnetic contact, pivot rod for full swing, and unique bellows on the flap edges to ensure an energy efficient seal. The flap is UV resistant, flexible to -40°F and has been tested to withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour and more by easily adding edge magnets.

How high should the pet opening be?
You will want the top of the pet opening to be approximately 1"-2" above the high point of the tallest pet’s back. This will reduce wear on the flap. Example: a medium pet door with a minimum rise of 6" added to the opening height of 11" will total approximately 17". This combination will work well for pets with a shoulder height of 16″ or less.

What height should the pet door How do I figure the height of the pet door?
To reduce flap wear, the opening top should be about one or two inches above the pet’s back (the shoulder area is usually the highest part of the back).

How low to the floor should the pet opening be?
If you have several pets, it should accommodate the smallest pet’s ability to see through. With larger pets, keep in mind an appropriate “rise” that will allow for ease of use now as well as in the future as they grow older and slow down with age. As noted above, rise plus opening height should total 1″-2″ above the tallest pets back. Don’t be afraid to order a larger (taller opening) door if you need low rise (step over) and additional height for clearance.

A really simple conversion kit for your sliding patio door. And your pet.

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