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About the Company

“Simple is best,” says Dave Engebretson, creator of the revolutionary pet door insert.

His Tacoma, WA area window and door factory has been building patio doors with pet door access since 1999.

“Our pet door door was highly successful, but customers kept asking, ‘What if I already have a sliding door, is there any way that you can put a pet door in it?’”

Dave and his team went to work and, in 2005, started production on the pet door conversion kit. The rest is history, as Pet Door Guys began to serve the growing pet door after-market with an attractively designed product of high quality that maintains energy efficiency.

“The concept is simple,” says Dave. “Give us the size, that is, the width, height, and OA, which is the overall thickness of your existing glass door pane. We’ll build a custom pet door insert, which arrives fully assembled, ready for your local glass company to install in your sliding patio door.”

Dave notes that, “Installation is no different than if you had broken glass and needed it replaced. And the crew is usually finished in an hour or less.”

A really simple conversion kit for your sliding patio door. And your pet.

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